At Blessing Birdnest, we use only the highest quality authentic swiftlet bird’s nest with no additives or preservatives to ensure you enjoy the best of what bird’s nests have to offer.

Considered food “fit for the emperor,” swiftlet bird’s nest has been consumed and respected as effective Traditional Chinese Medicine in China for centuries. Trusted to be rich in amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals, bird’s nest has been enjoyed by many generations.

Consumption of this ready-to-drink Blessing Birdnest product will help you start your day with a time-honored, beneficial tradition without the need for cooking.


All our products are 100% natural. We bring only the best quality products to market. Each beverage is made from the finest Super-grade bird nest, selected for superior quality, high protein content, long strands and overall wholesomeness. We never use preservatives.


We harvest each bird nest after the eggs hatch and the baby birds mature, to ensure natural regeneration. We are deeply committed to maintaining a sustainable environment for the birds which provide us with such treasured delicacies.


All Blessing Birdnest drinks are prepared using a unique, patent pending process that keeps their physical properties intact, even after rigorous cooking process. Product safety is our top priority, our cooking process meets the FDA’s Regulatory Compliance requirements.


All Blessing Birdnest’s products are made with raw, natural material. We have our own bird nest houses that we harvest periodically as well as dependable supply partners to meet market demand. Our cleaning operation is done in-house by our own staff in Indonesia.


In the 1980s as our family was purchasing an old colonial compound in Cepu, Central Java, Indonesia, we noticed a flock of birds flying overhead. We never imagined that our property would become the home to the swiftlet birds that produce the most precious edible bird’s nest, enjoyed as a Chinese health food delicacy for hundreds of years. We felt incredibly blessed that the swiflets had chosen to nest at our compound and considered it a gift from God to our family. Therefore, we chose to name our company “Blessing Birdnest” out of gratitude for this gift and to praise the Lord (Deu 28: 1-14).


We are proud to honor the tradition of swiftlet bird’s nest as a treasured health food by preserving its natural purity in all of our products. None of our drinks or dry nests contain any additives, preservatives, artificial coloring agents, or chemical enhancers, ensuring the enjoyment of all the healthful properties consuming edible bird’s nest brings.

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