Bird’s nest soup has been consumed in China as a health food for over 400 years. Benefits range from smoother skin complexion to an overall boost in immune system strength.


  1. Soak bird’s nest in water for a minimum of two hours to overnight to expand the strands.
  2. Separate the strands and clean the nest of impurities. Discard water.
  3. Soak and wash the nest again if necessary using fresh clean water every time. (If you clean a large quantity of nest at one time, store the cleaned nest in the freezer for longer storage time or in the refrigerator for next day cooking)

FOR TRADITIONAL SAVORY SOUP: Add the cleaned bird’s nest in prepared clear chicken broth or stock. Fold in beat egg white for texture and cooking sherry for fragrance. Add salt and pepper to taste and thickener (such as cornstarch) if desired. Serve warm.

FOR TRADITIONAL SWEET SOUP/DRINK: Steam the cleaned bird’s nest with rock sugar according to your taste (average about 30 minutes). Steam longer for softer strands or shorter for firmer strands.

FOR A MODERN TWIST: Your imagination is the limit! Add cleaned bird’s nest to your favorite vegetable soup or stew for a giant health boost!


A Blessing Birdnest original recipe! Bird’s nest makes a great pastry filler and tastes best when it is of the highest authentic quality such as that of Blessing Birdnest nests. Our recipe offers an exciting twist on this ancient heritage food. Enjoy a warm bird’s nest pastry at any time, but especially on cool winter days.


FOR A PASTY FILLER: Prepare your traditional pastry filler recipe and add pre-soaked and cleaned Blessing Birdnest as part of the filler (for instructions on cleaning your nest, please refer to bird’s nest soup recipe). Bake pastry per instructions.

FOR AN UPGRADED TRADITIONAL PASTRY: Fold in pre-soaked and cleaned Blessing Birdnest into phyllo (filo) dough to and follow baking instructions to make baklava and other Middle Eastern pastries with a healthy boost.